Amazon Add-on items also called Amazon filler items are inexpensive items that can be found on Amazon that cost only a few dollars that when added to an existing order can help in qualifying your purchase for Amazon  Super saver shipping when you spend $35 bucks or more. The thing is most times your order needs an additional few small cheap items to make it to the $35 that you will need for Free Shipping, so Amazon came up with Add-on items to help with that, plus they get to move awesome small items that you would not think of shipping by themselves as they are so inexpensive and cheap.

These items are great for saving you lots of money and can be found in almost all categories of items normally found on Amazon, the thing is they are not always easy to find, luckily you have found your way to the largest directory of the best Amazon Add-on items on the internet here at: , we make it easy by listing all Addon items so you can conveniently find the ones you want to qualify for free shipping, because why pay for shipping when you can get it for free and get handy useful item along with it.

How to identify an Amazon Add-on items?

It’s quite easy to identify an Amazon Add-on item, they are all sold and fulfilled by Amazon directly and they are marked with the Add-on item symbol seen here:

Amazon Add-on items

Plus Amazon is constantly adding new items to this list all the time, which means even greater value for you as we constantly update to keep up with all the Add-on items that exist, we are literally your one stop source for all things Add-on items.

How to Find Amazon Add-on items?

Well for the most part you can try searching but there are so many and they are not easy to find or you could check our website we have them all listed and grouped for your convenience, plus we have categorized them for you, so all you have to do is browse and select a category and choose one and you are finished.

Find an Amazon filler items or Amazon Add-on items now by clicking here

How to use Amazon Add-on items for free Shipping?

This video will show you exactly how to use Amazon Add-on items and get shipping for free, remember that the items been shipped must be all marked sold by amazon to qualify: