Silverhill Tools ATKSPR Smart Phone Repair Kit

Silverhill Tools ATKSPR Smart Phone Repair Kit

This is a very handy Phone repair tool Kit. It great to have around the house for repairing Smartphones or other Gadgets or items on the Fly. All you have to do is watch a YouTube video and follow along, this Silverhill Tools ATKSPR Smart Phone Repair Kit is great for the Do it yourself enthusiast.

This set contains 15 pieces such as: T4, T5, T6, T8, T10, TS1, triwing, flat head, PH000. You also get 2 plastic pry bar and 1 nylon ESD pick along with a suction cup,sim pin, and micro SIM adapter,non-magnetic tweezers and a handy storage pouch to store everything in nice and easy.

This set is pretty useful and can work for those new to repairing smartphones or novices. The tools are not super durable and you need to be careful with them as they tend to break quite easily if abused but they do get the job done. The case is also a life saver to make sure you don’t lose anything which is easy with tools of this size if you are not careful.

My Advise to you:

I use tools like these regularly and it can’t hurt to have a set of these around the house. You will be surprised what you can learn with an old phone you thought was broken and a few YouTube videos. This set can actually even pay for itself in a short time easy.Also don’t forget to pick up an Anti-static Wrist band.

Why Buy this?

1.Great cheap price.

2.Contains 15 tools.

3.Cool case to keep everything together.

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