Hefty Recycling Trash Bags

Hefty Recycling Trash Bags

We all need reliable trash bags and none fits that description better than Hefty Recycling Trash Bags.These bags are scent free and feature odor neutralizing technology.

These Garbage bags are great if you are into recycling and you can get them in the color blue or clear. The bags have a cool draw string to easily close each bag and prevent spills. Each bag has a 30 gallon size or capacity and each case comes with 36 bags which is a great value for you. The price is not bad for what you get. Also bear in mind that you can also find other uses for these Garbage bags around the house such as storing household items, clothes and so on although this was not their original purpose.

How thick are these bags?

These are as thick as regular Garbage bags and can hold garbage comfortably without bursting or breaking very easily. The material from which its made is very durable and dependable.While that is being said it does not mean that they wont break if miss handled but simply be careful with them and they should more than do their job well.

Why get these?

1.Odor eliminating.

2.Affordable and you get 36 bags total.

3.Durable and made of good material.

4.Come with convenient draw string.

5.Great for organizing garbage for recycling.

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