Rolodex Mesh Collection Jumbo Pencil Cup

Rolodex Mesh Collection Jumbo Pencil Cup

The Rolodex Mesh Collection Jumbo Pencil Cup is the perfect desk accessory to store all your pencils all in one place. This pencil cup is specially designed to hold 50% more than the average pencil cup which means greater flexibility for you.

You will love the mesh construction and they are very well made and sturdy. You can also store additional office or desk stuff in this holder including rulers,Pens, scissors and more. You are going to love this as a desk accessory. The price is also very good which makes it easy to even get more than one of these as you can get an extra for a friend.

Finally Keep your Desk Organized

You can finally keep your desk organized and those pencils and pens at an arms reach when you need them. This also means less clutter on your desk, who does not like that. I suggest you check out this product and buy one right now.

Where can I get one?

You can purchase your very own below:

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