Best Amazon UK Add-on items

Amazon UK Add-on items

For those living in the UK or United Kingdom do you know that you can get free delivery or shipping on Anything you buy from with Amazon UK Add-on items? These items are usually small inexpensive items that once you add them to your purchase and its at least £20 of qualifying products you will get free delivery. These items are usually scattered throughout and can be difficult to find. But luckily I have made things easy for you guys and compiled a list of some of the best Best Amazon UK Add-on items you can buy right now and get delivery free which is a win win for you.

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Amazon UK add-on items just like any other add-on items from Amazon is not easy to find but this website was designed and dedicated to helping shoppers track these items down so you can add them to your basket and qualify for free shipping once you reach the £20 total you need with qualifying items.

How to get free delivery?

In order to get free delivery simply add one or more of the Amazon UK Add-on items from below to your basket along with your existing purchase that must be sold by Amazon and once its over the £20 mark then that’s it. When you are checking out you will have the option for free delivery.

Amazon UK Add-on items

All Amazon UK Add-on items are marked by the the symbol below which will tell beyond a doubt that the item is a add-on item. Some Add-on items even change at random meaning what qualifies today may not tomorrow, so you should definitely bookmark this list for future reference. This is the symbol in blue:

Amazon UK Add-on items

Also note that this list is in no particular order and I simply listed all my top picks or favorite choices that you are sure to love.

1. Rolson 10019 Stubby Claw Hammer [Energy Class A]

Rolson 10019 Stubby Claw Hammer
List Price: £5.25
Price: £3.18
You Save: £2.07

Need to do some handy work around the house? well this cool hammer is great to have in case you need to do the occasional repair. It could save you allot of money as you can fix something that was nailed and started becoming loose. If you leave it in the long run calling a professional could get really expensive.

2.Rolson 28226 9-in-1 Precision Screwdriver

I love a handy screwdriver set as you can make repairs to electronics and things around the house. With this set you have all of 9 screwdrivers in one handy tool that can be carried just about anywhere you go.

3.Staedtler Noris Club Double Ended Fibre Tips

Get this one for the kids, they can use it for projects and other assignments. You can also use it for your labels or other useful art work. You will have a number of color options and these are felt tips after all for better writing.

4.Kitchen Craft Colourworks Measuring Spoon Set

This measuring spoon set is meant to help you in making that perfect measurement when baking or just cooking. No more guessing and estimating. The set has five (5) pieces of various measurements and they are color coded for easily distinction. You definitely need this in your kitchen now.

5.Money Minder with Key Chain

Hvae you ever been out and lost your wallet and the only thing you are left with is your keys, don’t you wish you had a emergency fund? well this cool Amazon UK Add-on item acts as both a Key chain and a place to stash some emergency cash in case you get into a pickle.

6. WD-40 Smart Straw 400ml [Energy Class A]

WD-40 Smart Straw 400ml
List Price: £5.68
Price: £5.29
You Save: £0.39

This is the ultimate lubricant and way to loosen rust and protect metal surfaces. You can use WD-40 in the car or at home to repair or prevent a number of annoying things such as rust causing a door or device with a hinge to lock up and make it work like new.

7. 200 Pack 9 Inch Self-locking Extra Strong Zip Tie Wraps

Zip Tie wraps are the perfect item to have on hand as you can bind or tie two things together quite firmly and they will hold. This pack has in 200 individual pieces of 9 inch ties.

8.Doc McStuffins Children’s Arch Backpack

You can get your daughter this lovely Doc McStuffins Children’s Arch Backpack. It is a great gift for a Girl as they will love the cute batpack to take to school to show off to all there friends.

9.Looping racing car Turbo Tracks

Kids or specifically boys can have some cool fun racing their cars on this exciting track. It designed for high speed rides and even greater thrills. It even has a loop which is very nice.

10. 12 Mini Princess Notepads

12 Mini Princess Notepads
List Price: £2.89
Price: £2.89
You Save: N/A

Get a really cool notepad for yourself or for a little girl you can write down notes or just add your shopping list. Ultimately you decide, its the perfect mini Notepad to keep handy as you can jot down ideas as they come to you.

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