LEGO Disney Princess Treasure’s Day at the Pool

LEGO Disney Princess Treasure's Day at the Pool

The LEGO Disney Princess Treasure’s Day at the Pool contains Ariel’s kitten Treasure who likes to go on adventures. Treasure is different though as she loves water. This set comes with a wonderful pool in which she can play to her heart’s content. She can dive off the pools diving board and play around in the pool below. She even has a basket and can enjoy treats that are included in this kit such as ice cream and you even get a cool ice cream bar to hang out at on the stool. The pools diving board can also be converted into a slide.

The best thing is that seeing this is a Lego you assemble everything. The set includes all the following pieces: ice creams, cones, cup, sunglasses, flowers, glittery perfume bottles and a basket . The pool is 2 inches high by 3 inches wide. This set can be combined with the 41142 Palace Pets Royal Castle for even more fun.

Who is this for?

This set is for kids ages 5 to 12 and is a very inexpensive kids toy that features elements from Disney Princess in Lego form.

Why get this?

The small kids especially girls will love this set its the ultimate pool party setting. Small kids will be more than able to handle this set and they do get a sense of fulfillment t the set together themselves. They are also so cheap that its best you get this along with other compatible sets so the kids can merge everything. THis is one versatile play set as if kids already own Legos they can take full advantage of this set.

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