Aunt Martha’s 28-Inch by 35-Inch Cotton Kitchen Apron

Aunt Martha's 28-Inch by 35-Inch Cotton Kitchen Apron

Its summer time and you know what that means? Yes its time to hit that grill in the backyard. When you do however you will need the perfect apron to not only to look the part but also keep those messy stains away from your clothes. You can do that with an Aunt Martha’s 28-Inch by 35-Inch Cotton Kitchen Apron. It comes in white and is made of 100% cotton.

This Apron is very spill resistant and will protect you from those nasty kitchen accidents. You can use this as a regular kitchen apron or add some style to it, it’s basically a blank canvas. The best thing is its very affordable and heavy-duty and can keep up with the most robust kitchen cook all day.

Love these multi purpose aprons as they not only look good but also are very versatile and functional. You may even find functions for them outside the kitchen such as protecting your clothing as you do arts and crafts and much more.

Very Absorbent

Because this apron is made from 100% cotton it is very good at absorbing spills. They also clean up nicely when you wash them. You will love them so much that I bet that you will soon be back for another set. You can do yourself one better and get more than one considering they are very affordable.

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