GoGreen 3 Outlet Power Strip

GoGreen 3 Outlet Power Strip

The GoGreen 3 Outlet Power Strip is a very nice power strip that well made. As the name suggests it has 3 outlets that allows you to turn one socket into three. These plugs is a right angle plug and there is a built-in rocker switch that is 15 Amps.The switch lights up green when powered. The cord is also heavy-duty and is 2.5 inches thick. The length is about 20 inches total.

Also if you are concerned about the environment the manufacturer GoGreen has a recycling program at no cost to you the consumer. So you can do your part to keeping our environment clean and healthy.  What I really like about this company and its products is that they are taking a green approach to the production and development of their products. This alone makes this item and other worth the money.

What do I use this for?

If you are running out of outlets to plug things into, this can hep into making a single outlet into many more. In cases where your appliances chords are too short this can bridge the divide such as in the kitchen. Also if you have one device with multiple peripherals that all need to be plugged in then this is the power strip for you.

Why should you buy?

The strongest buying point about the GoGreen 3 Outlet Power Strip is that this item is cheap, environmentally friendly and well made.

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