Star Wars X wing: The Force Awakens

Star Wars X wing

You could not ask for anything better than this replica of the Star Wars X wing. This is perfect as an addition to your collection. If you are a fan and you have not yet started your very own collection now is the perfect time to start.


The star wars x wing features a black and yellow paint job with the fighter shaped in the familiar Star Wars X wing design. It a perfect replica from the movie Star Wars the force Awakens. It has 2 blasters on either side for a combined total of 4. With two engines as well and a cockpit that painted in silver highlights.

Everything comes in a lovely black packaging with a picture of the fighter on the front. The vehicle is mounted on a stand that creates the illusion that its flying or hovering. Ultimately this can be mounted on a desk or shelf based on what you may want this for.

Who is this for?

This can work as a collectible or you can give a young child as a gift. For more avid collectors this might be worth much more in a few years as a collector’s item. The series also has other great sets for you to find and add to your collection.

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