Snowball Maker

Snowball Maker

There is nothing cooler than making Snow Balls in the Snow well except for a device that makes snowballs for you. Meet the Snow Track Ball Maker which compacts snow easily and allows you to build snowballs with great efficiency and ease and it does so within only a few seconds.

This Snowball maker is great for that big snowball fight and can give you an edge over your rivals as you can make several snowballs at a fraction of the time it takes them to make one. Simply combine this with a Snow Block to build a fort and you will be unstoppable. This item is recommended for kids ages 4 years and older and its easy to use as you can scoop up snow and with the well designed handle you have a solid grip to make snowballs effortlessly.

The Snowballs

The snowballs this thing makes is about 4 inches and about the size a decent hand would make.

So no more getting tired from compacting snow to make a snowball, this great item can turn any regular kid or adult into a snowball making machine that will dominate over the competition. This item also makes for a nice gift for the winter months for kids or anyone that enjoys playing in the snow all the time especially with friends or the Family.

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