Snow Block

Snow Block

Snow Block is the perfect item to own as while its snowing outside it will allow anyone to make snow cubes which can then be used to make just about anything and that’s really exciting.

This item is recommended for kids ages 4 and older and they can finally build cool things in the snow such as castles or an Igloo.

Wait it also works with Sand!

You don’t even have to wait until in cold and snowing to use the Snow Block as it can be used all year round under normal weather to build Sand based blocks at the beach or playground. That means you can build a castle or fort and defend it from incoming waves from the sea if you happen to be at the beach.

Overall this item also works well with the Snowball maker and with the complete set you can have the kids outside and having some real fun making forts and playing snowball fights all the time with their friends. This thing works great too as you can stuff in snow or fashion a block out of a big pile of snow. But make sure that you get enough of these so that everyone can have fun using them especially if you have several kids who play together.

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