Snowman Gift Bags

 Gift Bags

No matter the season these Gift Bags make the perfect way to receive a gift, they are both stylish and functional and best of all they are made perfect for the Christmas holiday to spread the chair as you pass out gifts to friends and family they will be greatly intrigued as to what could be inside these beautifully crafted bags. I am sure you agree that they are beautiful with their Snowman printed design or drawing on each.

This set contains a total of 12 bags which makes this set a deal.There is a total of three (3) different sizes in the set and the main color of the bags is brown.The general size is 9 inches tall with a width of 6.5 inches which is basically the size in most cases of a decent jar or can and more suited for smaller sized gifts plus they are great as you can qualify for free shipping with the purchase which will make picking up these with your holiday order worth it.

Medium Paper Snowman Gift Bags
List Price: $7.85
Price: $7.85
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