Funko Pop Big Hero 6

funko pop big hero 6

Funko Pops have got to be the coolest collectables action figures ever they practically cover every major category of everyone’s favorite TV or  Movie characters that we love and big Hero 6 is no exception as today I have the Funko pop big hero 6 figures that happen to be a cool Add-on items as well. I really loved the Animated Movie for Big hero 6 and now millions of fans just like me can actually start collecting these cool figures for themselves.

Collect them All!!!

The figures I will be looking at include: Tomago,Fred and Wasabi No-Ginger which are all separate units. I really like how they are all well designed and very accurate to the movie, these have got to be some of the best funko pops out there to date and with each figure Stands 3 3/4 inches tall in size and remember if these are collectables you may want to leave them in the box, that’s if your kids don’t get to them first.

The other characters are also available too if you would like to collect them and includes: lemon honey, Hiro hamada, and Baymax meaning you can get them all if you wish later on to have the complete set. So whats your favorite pop?

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