Clip-on LED Spotlight or dog collar light

dog collar light

The Clip-on LED Go Anywhere Light is great for attaching to almost anything such as a keychain, bag, zippers or act as a dog collar light that’s easily accessible and provides for easy access when you want to illuminated something or allows anything to be spotted easily as it can be a solid light or flashing signal and can even change colors.

It will also work in almost any environment considering that its water-resistant and can run up to 30 hours on its 3 volt battery that powers this device.

Dog Collar Light

One of the main uses of this Clip-on LED light is that it is used as a dog collar light and great for your precious pet so that he can be spotted easily especially in dark conditions as he moves about. The last thing you want is an accident because you or someone else did not see him in the dark.

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