Key Rack

key rack

Never lose track of your keys again with the Nite-Ize Key Rack to keep them all organized and color coordinated for fast access and finding what you need when you need it. The key Rack is well put together and made out of stainless steel with six (6) plastic binders to hold your keys and for easy access. Each key binder is color coded for making identification easy and it can easily be clipped onto another key chain or belt loop and its easy to use with little hassle.


I suggest that you add this to your shopping cart as we all have keys and this will be a better way for you to organize them. Think of the convenience of never having to try different keys over and over again trying to find the right one in a matching set from different locks, that peace of mind alone is enough to make this a real deal.I often have so many keys I do not know what to do with them or which one goes where, this simple invention solves that easily and conveniently.

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