Amber Glass bottles with Black Fine Mist Sprayer

amber glass bottles

These amber glass bottles are ideal for storing just about anything that you like and that requires that you spray it such as oils, perfumes, household chemicals and much more and being Amber glass means that the container protects against harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun protecting liquids that are sensitive to those conditions. Each package contains six (6) new 2 oz Amber glass bottles  and the sprayer creates a fine mist for the perfect spay each time it’s used.

They will fit into a pocket or purse with ease, I am sure at times around the house you find the need to have a bottle that can spray and reach those hard to get to places. It’s also ideal to carry around oils and such in a convent manner in a bag that you may need to apply to the skin for those emergency situations that may arise as you are out and about on your daily chores. The spray thats exits these bottles is strong and they are very convenient to have around the place due to how useful these things can be.

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