kong Dog Toys: Squiggles

kong dog toys

Dogs love their chew toys very much and luckily kong dog toys are among some of the most sought after toys for dogs on the market. Here presents the KONG Squiggles Dog Toy, your pet can shake, squease or do anything they would like with it and it comes in 3 convenient sizes to match the type of dog that you own. The toy itself is 7.8 inches and does not have any unnecessary stuffing that will leave the place a mess and its made of safe materials that are not toxic in any way or form so as to affect the health of your pet or the household.

You will love these for their great look and your Dogs or puppies will like them for the squeaky sounds that they make, the entire toy is stretchy and if you have more than one dog see them play and stretch it to its limits. Plus with its bright colors it will be impossible to loose especially around the house night or day.

What I really like is how durable this thing is and you know how dogs can be, this will be able to survive the most straineous play sessions. kong dog toys set seen here comes with four animals and you will not know which one you will get until it arrives as they are chosen randumly,they include a Rabbit, elephant, monkey and a Donkey and don’t worry as all these soft toys are built with the same quality and love.

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