Liquid Smoke from Living Nurtionals

liquid smoke

Liquid smoke is a food additive that spices up your dishes or barbecued food by giving you a smoked taste without you having to prepare food on a wood fire or expose yourself to the health risks. The Living Nurtionals All-Natural Liquid Smoke comes in a 5oz or 147ml bottle and is made from Hickory and a little mesquite which are burned at a low temperature and that’s it there is nothing else that is added to the product, which includes no artificial additives.

The liquid smoke will add an all natural flavor to your dishes and a Hickory Liquid Smoke taste to meats that you would normally get from grilling on an open wood fire as was used in the past in preserving meats which added that distinct flavor to foods. You know the same taste that you get at Steak, Rib and Wing restaurants that you cannot seem to reproduce at home?, this is what those restaurants have been using as flavoring for years. Use this great product on your grill, oven, or on the slow cooker/stove you choose.

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