Oxford index cards

index cards

When looking for index cards why not go with one of the best names in the business? Oxford index cards are a cool set of index cards that come in the size:3″x2 1/2″ and there are an assortment of various colors to choose from just to keep thing exciting. Plus if you care about the environment they are taking the Sustainable Forestry approach to doing thing so you don’t have to worry about the damage that was done to create these cards.

The sheets are thicker than printed paper for that premium feel and they are a bit smaller to the standard size, but just perfect for keeping your reminders or notes with a nice pen. Also the cards are lined for your convenience and have a great texture which is perfect for writing on.

Uses of these Index Cards:

Kids learning Flash cards
Homemade Fun Game cards
Book labels or footnotes
Pricing Items.

and of course they are perfect for leaving little reminders to yourself, the uses are various and only limited by your imagination.

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