sharpie permanent marker

sharpie permanent marker

Sharpie Permanent Marker

Sharpie permanent marker are world-renowned and loved by everyone as one of the best brands of permanent markers that money can buy. I like them because they write very well for various do it yourself tasks and arts and crafts projects that I undertake. Best of all they are children safe as they are none toxic and the marks that they make do not fade easily so stuff like labeling will last quite a while before fading.

Practical Uses:

1. Arts and craft projects

2. Labels

3. Write on CD/DVD’s

4. Decoration of books, Gift cards etc.

5. Labeling boxes and much more.

These markers come in a variety of colors and different tips that will work perfectly on almost any surface that you can find. After using these it hard to use any other brand that may come your way. Kids also find them easy to handle, I particularly like the sharp tipped variety which gives a crisp and clean mark, but there are many others that will suit your needs as can be seen below.


1. Comes in various colors.

2. Able to write on almost any surface.

3. Marks don’t fade easily.

4. Are affordably priced.

5. Non-toxic


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