O2COOL Portable Fan

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If you are seeking a portable Fan to keep you cool or for other uses around the home or out on the go then O2COOL Portable Fan is the ideal 5″ Battery Operated Portable Fan that comes in two cool colors of White and grey that you must have. The fan itself has two variable speeds and its designed for maximum portability and ease of use with a folding design and it can even be tilted to direct the Air flow where you desire.

This portable fan is perfect for your personal use and ideal for hot times of the year when you will need all the cool you can get. Plus you can use it around the house as well for all sorts of creative tasks where you need to keep cool or direct the air flow in the right direction.

You will be quite surprised as to how much air this small gadget can push despite its small stature. It’s also efficiently uses the batteries provided, so they will last quite a long while with sustained usage. I highly doubt you will be able to find a better priced or more efficient fan in this price range than the one you are looking at here.


1. Its small and portable.

2. Comes with a stand and can be folded up for convenience.

3. Adjustable angles for best positioning.

4. Is whisper quiet.

5. Is cheap and is battery operated for use on the go.

O2COOL 5-Inch Portable Fan, Gray
List Price: $21.45
Price: $21.45
You Save: N/A

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