Fever Bugz

fever bugz

Fever-Bugz from Physio Logic is a fever indicator sticker that’s sticks to your child like a regular sticker that they like and stays on throughout the day and can be easily used to monitor your child’s temperature on a regular. They are easy to use and read and are super convenient in accurately and effortlessly seeing your child’s body temperature.

If you have really active kids that wont stop for a minute or they hate when you use thermometers on them, especially when an under arm reading can be inaccurate then these are the stickers for you the kids will adore and love them, much like this other creative invention. The fever bugz is a very creative invention and will help you in keeping on top of your children’s temperature variations especially when they are sick and bothering them with taking their temp is a hassle.

Why you should get this:

1. It’s super convenient to use.

2. It makes taking kids temperature easy.

3. Kids love it as they are cute.

4. It’s accurate to within 1 degree of real body temperature which is very accurate.

5. Last long up to 48 hours and are affordable.

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