Ava Elephant

ava elephant

Ava Elephant is a revolutionary product that was featured on Shark Tank if you are a fan of the show that allows kids to take their medicine in a fun and creative way. We all know kids and they do not like to take their meds no matter how good they taste, the cool thing is that Ava the Elephant Talking Children’s Medicine Dispenser makes things fun by creating a nice medicine dispenser that holds the dropper and makes the whole experience more appealing to a child and it even speaks with a very nice reassuring affirmations such as:

“Good Job”

“Open Wide”

If you have a child that must take medication on a regular or every now and again and they don’t like to and its one big fight to have them take their meds then I would advise you to get this great product that is a definite life saver. Not only was this a best product in Shark Tank it’s also a Add-on item from Amazon that will qualify you for free shipping.

Why you should get this Add-on item:

1. It’s a wining product featured on Shark Tank.

2. Make kids want to take their medication, good luck trying that on your own.

3. Its beautifully craft and works well.

4. Very inexpensive

5. It speaks and reaffirms the kids.

What are your thoughts on this Product?