Powerade Sports Drink


Powerade is a great tasting sports drink that will keep your body hydrated and your electrolytes in balance as you play hard. The drink contains Vitamins B3,B6 and B12 which are all essential to keeping you at the top of your game at all times. Each bottle contains 12 FL OZ of Grape flavored drink and there are also other great flavors.

I really like this Powerade because it helps to keep you hydrated and that’s very important when you are sweating allot, you will be surprise how much liquids the body looses through sweat which can lead to dehydration whether you are playing sports or as a part of your exercise routine. The bottles are the perfect size to tuck into a bag  the grape flavor is especially great tasting without being too over powering.

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Reasons you should get this:

1. Tastes good compared to alternatives to keep you hydrated.

2. Very inexpensive overall.

3. Great Size bottles for convenient storage and moving about.

4. Contains essential vitamins your body needs.

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