Belkin Anti Static Wristband with Adjustable Grounding

anti static wristband

I regularly repair electronics and one invaluable tool that I use is a Anti Static Wristband which basically grounds my body and eliminates the chances of me damaging sensitive electric equipment with static electricity. Simply put on the Belkin Anti-Static Wrist Band with Adjustable Grounding and clip one end to something such as a computer case and you are good to go as you have been properly grounded.

Anti Static Wristband

anti static wristband

What I like the most about the Belkin model is the fact that the connecting cord thats attached to the wrist strap is coiled which allows you to have maximum reach without being constrained by a clunky cord that keeps getting in the way. The clip is easy to attach to any well grounded surface that will help with carrying away static electricity away from your body that would have been otherwise directed at your electrical components during repair.

During repair the thing that tends to damage components of sensitive electrical equipment such as your computer Motherboard or the RAM is ESD or Electro Static Discharge, trust me when I say that I would not feel totally comfortable working on a computer or other electronic device without a Anti Static wristband on hand, the worst thing is to be trying to repair a device and then actually causing damage to sensitive components yourself. That’s a definite no-no in my book especially with expensive components.


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