The kingston Datatraveler SE9 USB Flash drive

kingston datatraveler se9

The kingston datatraveler SE9 is a great Add-on item as it provides a cheap form of removable storage device that is both a convenient item that almost everyone will need and the fact that it’s so affordable is a big plus that ties in with the fact that it will qualify you for free shipping.

kingston datatraveler se9

kingston Datatraveler SE9

The exact capacity is 8 gigs and that is enough for storing your documents,videos or pictures, ideal for school kids or those that need to move simple files around conveniently. This item fits in the pocket and is by no means cheap as the casing is made from metal for a more durable and robust design. You will never lose it as the ring design makes it easy to fit in places such as on a key Chain so it will go everywhere with you.

The kingston Datatraveler SE9 also works with Mac and Windows PC’s so you will have a wide range of flexible options as you bring this along with you. What I like the most about this Flash drive is the design, there is no  ports that are sticking out that will break easily or a cap that covers a portion for me to lose as I often do with my other flash drives and it very tough to survive in my pocket along with my keys or anything else that I might have on hand at the time in the pocket.

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