Seeds of Change:100% Organic seeds

seeds of change

Seeds of change provides organic seeds of various types that are all natural for you to take on the task of growing your own vegetables at home, this is great as at the end of the day you will be able to control the quality of your food which will lead to a healthier you and your family members which is a priceless gift.

The popularity of Organic way of life is taking center stage in the 21st century as people are becoming more health conscious and critical about the things that they put inside their bodies, so why not grow your own vegetables? you will not find a better set of seeds that are truly organic and have not been modified than this branded of seeds. Especially in today’s world with so much genetically modified foods (GMO) circulating.

Seeds of Change

The seeds in these packs are very healthy and viable, meaning that you will have very high germination rates with very little if any not growing which translates to maximum bang for your buck. They are so easy to grow simply follow the instruction that are clearly written on the Label and you are good to go.

Best of the Seeds of Change Seeds

There are a variety of seeds for you to choose from which includes and is not limited to:

1. Seeds of Change Certified Organic Carrot, Garden – 700 milligrams, 400 Seeds Pack

Nothing like growing Organic Carrots in the back yard and preparing a few for dinner or to use as a quick snack.

2. Seeds of Change Certified Organic Onion, Valencia – 1.5 grams, 350 Seeds Pack

I like onions they are great for spicing up my dishes and now you can grow your own.

3. Seeds of Change Certified Organic Squash, Yellow Crookneck – 1.8 grams, 20 Seeds Pack

If you like squash you are going to love these seeds.

4. Seeds of Change Certified Organic Broccoli, Early Green – 500 milligrams, 100 Seeds Pack

The kids will hate it but you will love growing and preparing great meals after they are grown.

5. Seeds of Change Certified Organic Celery, Tango – 50 milligrams, 100 Seeds Pack

Nothing like some freshly cut celery, great seeds with high yield.

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