Reeses Snack Size Assortment Pack


The Reeses Snack Size Assortment pack is a shoppers must have, you will be getting a 50 count bag of Reeses snack size assorted candies from Hershey’s that includes: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Reese’s Pieces, and Reese’s Fast Break individually wrapped. I love these as they make for perfect snacks to have around the house for those with a sweet tooth and its also great for times of the year such as Halloween or for a general gift.


These candy can practically sell themselves as every one knows this world-famous brand, kids love them and even adults and when Halloween is approaching you cannot go wrong with a few bags of these around the house. The bag is large I almost cannot believe the price for the deal that you will be getting, my favorite thing to do with these is to get a pack any time of year and throw them in a glass bowl and leave them out for guests of the house to enjoy.

You may want to hide these from the kids though as they will simply gorge themselves on these chocolate treats, and who wouldn’t? go ahead and check them out.


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