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1. Orbit Gum, Sweetmint, 3 Fourteen Piece Packages

This gum is sugar free believe it or not, which will leave your breath minty fresh.

2. Bear Naked Granola, Honey Almond Protein

Need some protein in your diet? Well there is nothing like a little Honey Almonds to spice things up for you.

3.Sugar In The Raw/Unrefined, 32 Ounce Box

Perfect for those who love Tea or Coffey to sweeten to perfection.

4. Eclipse Sugar Free Gum, Winterfrost

These gums tate great and guess what they are sugar free almost hard to believe.

5. Oreo Mega Stuf Chocolate Cookies

Get a tall glass of milk and you have the perfect snack to die for.

6. YumEarth Natural Sour Jelly Beans

These jelly means are very healthy and organically grown made from all natural fruit extracts its the perfect healthy snack.

7. Hershey’s Pieces Milk Chocolate with Almonds Pouch

If its chocolate then I am in, add some Almonds and then its a must have Add-0n item.

8. Twinings K Cup Tea

Nothings more refreshing than a cup of flavorful Apple and cinnamon based tea to start the day.

9. Purely American Moroccan Lamb Cholent

A great stew that packed with flavor, give it a try.

10.Hershey’s Kisses, Cookies N Creme

You know you want this great snack.


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