Stainless steel scissors made from Recycled products

stainless steel scissors

The Fiskars 8 Inch Recycled Scissors as you might have guessed from the name is made from Recycled plastic, more specifically the handle is constructed from plastic that’s been recycled and makes it perfect for those who are concerned about the environment and going green, this is one way that you can do your little part by using products from recycled materials. The blade of the Recycled scissors is constructed from stainless steel which gives it a sharp edge for effortless cutting and how often can someone boast that they own a Stainless steel scissors made from Recycled products?

Stainless steel scissors

stainless steel scissors

Cuts either Paper or Fabric.

What I like about this scissors is that you can use it with either hand and for those who are ambidextrous well you can choose to use your righty or lefty when working with this stainless steel scissors from Amazons Add-on items collection. What makes this scissors even more awesome is that you can use it for either arts and crafts paper cutting or for fabrics should you be into fashion design and dress making. The scissors themselves have a very comfortable grip and are lightweight making them ideal for cutting and maneuvering about while making delicate and accurate cuts.

Being made from Stainless steel affords this scissors the ability to remain very sharp longer as the blade is not susceptible to corrosion which makes other blades lose their sharp edge and defectiveness quite easily.

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