Vidal Sassoon Braided Elastics-No Crimper

braided elastic

Ladies I am sure you are familiar with this situation you decide to catch up your hair to go out with a pair of braided elastics such as the ones seen here only to have that built-in metal crimper mess up your hair after they are removed, well the latest models have removed this annoying production defect for an all new improved set of Braided elastics.

As you know keeping your hair do in tact is not always easy, regular rubber bands simply break apart in the blink of an eye and never last for the long run and other hair elastics simply easily crimps your hair as we talked about before, but whats a girl to do in these cases?  Vidal Sassoon No Crimper Elastics solves this issue and provides a variety of multi colored hair binding elastics that do not tangle your hair and add to a bad hair day situation leaving you frustrated and flustered out of anger.
Your only issue now is making sure that you don’t lose them every second, so consider purchasing a few of them at once, a single pack contains 30 bands and they beat all traditional elastics that you usually use to maintain your hair.
Please bear in mind that these are hair ties that while they are great in comparison with other brands they are bands after all and applying excessive force will eventually break them, but if you handle with moderate care they will last and for an Amazon add-on item the value they give you with free shipping is worth it, all you need now is some Bobby pins and you will have an almost complete hair kit.

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