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One cannot have too many pens; Paper mate has been making pens as long as I can remember learning to write. and there is no such thing as too many pens, If you are like me I have pens in all corners of the house should I have a great idea and need to write it down.Paper Mate Inkjoy pens are great because they provide exceptional value and come in almost every major color that I like, they are so inexpensive that I have several packs so if one goes missing as pens often do its no big thing.

Paper Mate InkJoy 300 RT

My friends at work on the other hand have vowed never to lend me a pen again as I keep taking their pens absent-mindedly  and forgetting to return them. By getting this Amazon Filler items you can add it to your existing order to qualify for free shipping you can learn more here, plus being a bestselling item and so inexpensive you can get a pack of  paper mate inkjoy 300 rt with eight (8)  pens for a few bucks and have pens to share or just to give the kids. These particular models are ball point pens with a retractable tip so losing the cover will never happen.
Comes in all major colors of Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Green, orange, turquoise and magenta. Has a great grip that I like because instead of pressuring your hands against hard plastic as most pens there is a nice rubber grip that cushions your hand as you write and this pens simply glides across the paper with little effort. Also fits into your pockets nicely with the metal clip on the outside for great effect.
The Paper Mate Inkjoy is  suitable for students that do a lot of writing and their hands may become strained from the constant writing.The Inkjoy 300 RT comes in a 12 and a 8 pack as a filler item when shopping with the difference being the amount of pens in each pack. In my opinion the cheaper 8 pack provides a better value compared to the 12 pack when looking at the value to the amount of pens.

What are your views on this great items? Do you like this Amazon Add-on items and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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