Scotch Magic Tape

Scotch Magic tape

Scotch Magic tape is by far one of the most useful items that you can have lying around the house or office. It’s simply magical the various uses that you can find for this great items which makes it one of Amazons most highly rated and best-selling Add-on items in stock. What I like the most about this Scotch tape is that its clear and perfect for binding things that have been broken and need mending it’s also very strong so it will not give out on you, plus what I have found is that if you are very neat with its application it can make things such as a torn document mend almost perfectly.

I remember once having a torn $20 dollar note and thank goodness I had some scotch Magic tape on hand to mend it and in no time it was good as new, talk about convenient. I am sure you could find a million other uses for this item around the office or even at school.

You can write on it with your favorite sharpy marker and so on, the possibilities are endless for this tape, no wonder they call it magic tape. There is no other tape that can compare with a multitude of uses and new uses are being discovered each day for it.

Practical Uses of Scotch Magic Tape:

Seal bags e.g. garbage bags, mend frilled shoe laces, repair tears on panty hoses, mend holes in an insect screen, protects importantĀ  labels on items that keep wearing off, seal envelopes, remove grime from mirrors, repair torn documents and book pages, fix toys, repairs glasses, binds two surfaces while glue dries, straighten bent plant stems, repair damaged boxes… and the list goes on and on I will simply leave things here as I am sure you have your list of things that you could think of using this tape for.